I get asked quite often, what book or digital product topics sell the best?

The reality is that the list of topics with high profit potential when you write and market your own how to ebook or info product are endless…I see new ones each week.

While yes, they do tend to fall into broad categories such as:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Personal Well Being/Self-Help

These are extraordinarily broad categories (and as such not all that helpful) and there are digital products that do very well outside of these areas…like Photography, Parenting, Pets, etc…

Here is just a small list of the topics that have sold like wildfire!

  • Health topics such as How To Cure Yeast Infections, How To Stop Tinnitus, how to lose weight naturally, From Skinny To Muscular, How To Conquer Menopause
  • Self-improvement topics such as:  How To Stop Panic Attacks, How To Overcome Stuttering, How To Bury Fear, Take Action Now
  • Weight loss:  Six pack abs, diabetic diet, How to be funny
  • Relationship:  How To Win Back Your Ex, How To Be The Best Lover Ever,
  • Entertainment: Digital products or courses about everything from video games to home automation
  • Other Ebook Topics: Chicken Coop Living (How To Build Chicken Coops And Care For Chickens), How To Train Your Dog In One Evening…


Where To Find 1000’s of Hot Ebook And Digital Product Topic Ideas…

1. Clickbank Marketplace…is a great place to look since they organize their category listings by popularity with the hottest sellers appearing earlier in the list.  They also measure thinks like average selling price and something they term “gravity” which is a measure of how many “affiliates” are making sales of that product – another indicator of how popular that topic is.

2. Ebook Mall…same idea as Clickbank with a growing list of very interesting ebooks.  Again, you can find the most popular title by category to help determine which topics and titles are outselling the others.Â

3. Amazon.com…with a real mix of print and ebooks, they are the grand-daddy of product ranking when it comes to books or ebooks – they are especially easy to follow as categorize everything by topic (niche) and popularity to give you a sense of the top selling titles in your area.

4. Udemy.com…there are dozens of online teaching/training sites now that you can also mine for great topics – each of which you can tell how many students have enrolled, the price point, typically a preview of the course itself and much more…such a great place to find hot-demand digital product topics and niches

4. All Conferences… This is but one conference, workshop and seminar directory we like to monitor to find highly profitable info product topics.  Why look at conferences and seminars when considering writing an ebook? If a target audience of several thousand people are willing to pay $300, $500 or even $1000 to attend a conference on a particular topic, do you think they would be willing to spend $67 or $97 on your information product? You guessed it…by looking at high-end info products you can choose a topic that has the potential for much greater profits and more wealth than you ever imagined.
Before we go any further – please take a few minutes and watch this very important video where we walk through the Clickbank directory and point out 5 Million dollar info product topics and WHY they are top sellers…Go ahead and watch and then carry on below.



A common concern from new information product publishers is how to target markets with lots of potential that also have lots of competition.  A good example is weight loss or certain health niches.

Two points that should help you overcome this fear quickly…

1. Don’t be afraid of competition – you should look at it as the “holy grail” of digital entrepreneurship.  If you want to surf, you don’t go looking for calm water, you want big waves.  Just as a surfer puts himself or herself in front of a wave, you want to do the same thing with your ebook or course.  The good news is that the “waves” of demand for ebooks, report and digital products tend to be consistent over time.  90% of the topics that sold well 20-years ago, still sell well today.  What that means for you is that you can choose a niche market and develop your digital product today and still sell it 5, even 10 years from now – a concept we will get into further later in the course called “leverage”

2. Have confidence in your marketing.  Even though there may be hundreds of books or courses on your topic already, we are going to cover techniques in this course that will help you “out-position” and “out-market” the vast majority of your competition – so don’t be afraid.


OK, so there are thousands of high-potential topics for your own e-book, book or course out there…what REALLY makes the difference in what sells and what doesn’t then?

Here it is…the positioning of your topic must target a highly desirable, sometimes irrational desire to BE, DO, HAVE or to AVOID something in their life.  Frankly, your digital product must target something BIG and IMPACTFUL in someone’s life.  Often you can think of this as a massive TRANSFORMATION in their life from where they are today toward where they dream they could be in their mind.  What makes a basic ebook, book or course into a top seller is the ability to promise a desired OUTCOME not just inform.

So, what does this mean.

Let’s say you want to write a book about how to use the latest $2,000 digital camera.  Here are two alternative ways you could target that topic:

1. You write to inform the user of all the features and operations available on the camera – a comprehensive guide to all the features they could use — OR —

2. You could write an ebook about how to use this $2,000 camera to become a top Wedding Photography Professional or how to use the $2,000 camera to take the best night exposure shots…etc

The difference is that in #1 you are “informing” whereas in number 2 you are delivering a desired RESULT to someone’s life through the information you provide.

Big difference right?

If I happen to jump on the internet and begin searching for information on how to be a Wedding Photographer because that is my irrational, highly desired dream for my life and come upon your ebook or course that tells me exactly how to take Wedding Photo’s with this affordable camera – I’m going to buy it at almost any price!


So, to summarize:

1. There are thousands of potential topics upon which you can base your own six-figure information publishing business
2. The criteria is to target powerful, irrational desire to BE, DO, HAVE or AVOID an outcome in your audience’s life
3. There are many places online where you discover topics you KNOW are top sellers – start with those
4. To position your information in a way that promises to help your customer BE something they are not today, Do something exciting they cannot do today, Have something they currently wished they could have or Avoid a pain or situation that they are scared to death of facing.

What about you…do these give you new topic ideas or help you determine if your how to ebook or digital course topic is in-demand or not?

What questions remain about finding and positioning topics for your own ebook, book or course?

Leave us a comment and we’ll help you pick your topic so you can move on with us to the next step in just a few short days.

In the next 5 days we will post Lesson 2 of our 5-part “Mastering Ebook Profis” Free Workshop posted to this blog.  Until then, get cracking on finding your ebook topic so you can take advantage of the real fun coming up.


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