All that stands in the way of the common dream to write an ebook and the reality of living your life writing, marketing and enjoying your new life as a successful ebook writer is a topic for most people.

Of the hundreds of people working through this 6-week Information Marketing (Non-Fiction Ebook Writing and Marketing) program, 99% needed help either choosing, developing or tweaking their topic to move ahead with their ebook writing projects.

Without a solid topic, overwhelm, uncertainty and doubt creep in preventing us from achieving our goals.

The fascinating thing about top selling ebooks is that they were created around topics that you and I deal with each day – coping, finding hope or answers and getting through life.

What I’m saying is that YOU are in just as good a position to write your own ebook about your life IF you follow a few important rules:

  1. You start with your best…what advice, hope, inspiration and experiences do you find yourself sharing with people in your life – that’s a good place to start
  2. You refine that topic by spending some time (as little as a few hours can get this done) researching the most URGENT challenges people have around your topic – often they aren’t exactly what you thought they were
  3. You outline and write your ebook or course in a disciplined way with sole focus being to inspire, instill hope and help your audience with the life transformation they desire so badly

With me, my very first ebook was about a topic I was interested in – creativtiy…then I worked with an accomplished marketer and we tweaked that topic to target a specific audience with a concrete, how-to information ebook that went on to sell into the 6-figures over the past several years.

See when I started out I knew what I wanted to do – write about creativity and how that can be used to winning in business and life…but after digging in a little deeper and getting the opinion of a mentor I distilled it down to a very specific use of creativity to solve a fundamental problem – people who wanted to get their own product to market in this age of digital e-commerce.

See, it often takes this second phase of topic refinement to really make your ebook a top seller.

The Essence Of Why Non-Fiction Ebooks Sell

Underneath the motivation to buy a non-fiction book or ebook is the desire to be inspired, to improve one’s life situation, to be, do or have something that you does not exist in someone’s life today.

A major subset of topics have to do with helping others through challenges in their lives…to give them hope, inspire them, help them on the path to overcoming pain or achieving pleasure in their lives.

Case in point, a few years ago Ryan Wilkins wrote a book titled “Realer Than Real” that tackles tough questions head-on about how you can maintain (or seek out) inspiration, hope and guidance in times of tragedy or challenge in our lives.  How do we reconcile the unthinkable with our faith and beliefs about spirituality and life in general? These are things that we think about often as we tackle life head-on.

Ryan has taken the especially acute challenges the Wilkins’ have faced in their lives (the loss of their youngest daughter in a car crash and the near fatal incident with their middle child Amber) and chosen a book to help not only heal their own family but to help others deal with the same challenges they have faced so bravely over the last 9-years.

Your Own Ebook

What does this mean in terms of your own ebook?

We all go through challenges, setbacks, and tough times — we learn things that help and we learn things that make it worse.

Your own ebook can tap into the underlying challenge and chart a course that can help others that will no doubt go through the same (or similar) situations to yours.

Here is a partial list of the challenges that you may be able to connect with others and help right away…

  • being the victim of a bully
  • leaving home
  • overcoming a learning disability
  • dealing with shyness or being introverted
  • eating disorders
  • weight loss or building muscle
  • overcoming anxiety or a phobia
  • getting a promotion
  • starting a new career
  • rising to a top position at a relatively young or old age
  • financial success (or overcoming huge financial challenges/failures)
  • excelling at a sport or hobby
  • curing an ailment or disease (even non-serious conditions that are widespread serve as excellent topics)

Not only will you be able to help specifically with advice or knowledge, but your story will inspire, give hope and tap into the emotional desire of humans to constantly improve and learn in life.

If you are reading this today, wondering what your first (or next) ebook topic should be, consider the challenges you have faced in life or a challenge that someone you know has gone through and put together your own message of hope and inspiration…you just may find THAT ebook to not only be a winner in the market, but give entirely new meaning and purpose to your life.



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