There has never been a better time to turn your dreams, desires and passions for writing a book into reality to help you get through these troubled economic times. 

After all, writing a book positions you as someone who offers tremendous value to your marketplace, a nonfiction book gives you credibility and tells the world that you are an expert in your field…now is a better time than ever to be at the top of your marketplace as these are the people that will maintain their earning ability through the tough years that lie ahead.

It could be the telecommunications worker I know that coordinated with others in the industry to put together a compelling book on the current state and trends of the industry – he only wrote one chapter himself, but he gets full credit for the book.

Then again, it could be the desire one of our InfoMarketer’sZone members showed in writing a book about the mortgage industry and how you can get the best deal on mortgages – he now earns twice his income with his information publishing business than he did with his previous job.

How about a part-time soccer coach that turned his passion into a full-time nonfiction training manual and membership site that now makes him an incredible living?

These were not professionals, they had no idea about the steps to writing a book, chose to self-publish their book instead of going the traditional publishing route building themselves very profitable, six and seven figure online info product publishing businesses…you can get started with this free course and roadmap over at the Information Product Profits Blueprint.


1. Propels you to the top of your field – whether this is your current job, you are seeling a promotion, an entirely new career or to grow or launch your own business

2. Extra income…when you write a book and turn that into a lead generation system for offering additional nonfiction information into your marketplace on almost ANY topic imagineable, you have the basis for an info product publishing business that can turn you into an internet marketing superstar.  Most any nonfiction book topic can easily be turned into a home study course, video course, series of audios, a recurring membership site – it’s all about positioning information.

3. Gets you more credibility – if you own your own business you know how important it is to be seen as the "GOTO" person in your marketplace, writing your own book will get you there.

4. Write a book to broaden your reach – you may be an expert in your own town or city but with your own book, ebook or info product you can become a global expert

5. Influence change – most of us would like to have a positive impact on the world, by writing a book that instructs, teaches and inspires those around us we truly can leave a legacy long after we are gone

6. Leveraged income – this is my favorite reason for book writing.  Yes, it may be challenging to outline your book and get it written the first time, once you have your book written it will continue to earn profits for you year after year with minimal updates.  One of my ebooks has continued to sell for 8-years now with less than a few hours each year of updates

7. Basis for a much bigger business – if you seek to operate an online or offline business then consider the power, leverage and financial potential of offering information-based business to your marketplace.  By taking the information included in your book and putting it into training programs, courses, workshops, online trainings, seminars and more you can easily create your own information-based Enterprise

8. Personal satisfaction – nothing beats knowing that you have finished writing your own book, printing a copy and showing your friends, collegues and partners – you gain prestige and fame with as little as a few weeks work

9. So little time, for such major profits.  Although nobody can guarantee you a fortune for the book you are about to write, if you follow the outline in our 45-day Information Product Profits Course you will have the foundation for a much larger information publishing empire based on the system you outline as part of your first (or next) book.

10. The first step to an exciting, fun, profitable business with NO ceiling.  When it comes right down to it, we all want more freedom in our careers.  Even if we choose to stay in our jobs, we would like to call the shots, be treated better than those around us, get that next promotion – and if we seek to start or grow our own business then there is no better way than to write a book to get ahead.  It all starts with a book outline and some book writing tips which you can get from our free 8-part book and ebook writing course available here.

Now that times are challenging, it’s more important than EVER that you take control and put a few weeks work into realizing the many benefits you will get when you write a book.


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