Matching knowledge, information and experience with demand is what makes a great non-fiction, how-to book topic. 

Uncovering insatiable desire, researching and documenting a solution, turning that solution into your own and then marketing your information product is an incredible business option that can turn you into a profitable entrepreneur in weeks. 

Using the system we outline in the 45 Day Information Product Profits Secret Video course available from our private members infoproduct resource site you can learn the complete system for finding high demand topics, testing demand, finding and packaging information as well as advanced marketing techniques that will create a frenzy around your infoproducts. 

We have dozens of reports, ebooks, books, audio products, videos and monthly membership sites within different niche markets each producing automated income streams for us today as we sit back and manage this network along with launching additional, targeted infoproducts.

One of my favorite ways of tracking down in-demand topics to write about is using Yahoo Answers

Stop!  Before you run off and start picking "How To" topics out of this list, there are a few guidelines…

1. Know how to tell the difference between topics that people want to know about for free and those that are more urgent – that they would be willing to pay for

2. Look for patterns – both in terms of the types of questions that are asked as well as the specific questions themselves

3. Once you get an initial list of potential topics, test them using other feedback sites including discussion forums, blogs, offline magazines and even testing your own articles or reports before jumping into full product development

Some Examples

Here are 5 examples of book topics that you could use to launch your own information product publishing and marketing empire:

1. "I Bought A Book But Still Have Questions About My Baby’s Naps?"  – I really like these types of questions because they actually come out and tell you that they already purchased information on this topic AND that they still want MORE!  How much more of hint do we need?

2. How Long Would It Take To Lose 10 lbs Without Eating?  – The key to this question is the desire that has been repeated by many to not only lose weight – but to lose 10lbs.  If you are looking at a way to get your message through in a competitive market like weight loss, then having an exact goal your customer has in mind is a great way to get through.  You would write "The 15-day plan to losing 10lbs" which would directly speak to the internal goal many people have of knocking off 10 lbs.

3. Can I Change My Personality?  Wow – this one would take some additional testing to see if this could be a sub-niche within personal development or lifestyle niche, but I’ve come accross a few questions like this and so it seems to hold some good potential. 

4. What is A Really Good Parenting Book For School Aged Children?  Another great question because the person behind the question wants to clearly BUY information and wants it targeted at parenting to school aged children – a great clue to publishing a report, ebook or expert interview on the topic

5. What Are The Leading Parenting Methods Available?  Terrific insight into how people want information organized – in this case parenting models.  A big part of providing information that is seen as high value is how it is packaged to meet the desires of your marketplace.  By summarizing the different models, you would have met this person’s direct desire – testing to see if this sort of question comes up on parenting forums or in parenting magazines would be a good next step.

Using Yahoo Answers as to clue into high demand information product topics is a very powerful way to kick off your infoproduct publishing business successfully.  Follow that through with the market testing, product development and marketing principles found over at InfoMarketer’sZone and you have a powerful model to build your own infoproduct marketing enterprise.


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