It may not seem to be the case, but there are niche information product ideas all around you.

In the Ultimate Information Entrepreneur’s Success Package, we developed a system to uncover these ideas, test them and quickly turn them into your own information products to sell online or offline.

Just to give you an idea of topics, and titles that are selling like wildfire right now as niche information products – here are the top 5 selling paid newsletters on Amazon right now:

1. Banjo Newsletter
2. Quilter’s Newsletter and Magazine
3. Catwatch Newsletter
4. Backyard Bird Newsletter
5. Teahouse Times Newsletter

Other top 10 best-selling topics include mystery writing, dogs, sweepstakes, and one of the oddest – Toy Solidier collector magazine.

These niche information products are online and offline newsletters varying from a few to several pages delivered on a weekly to monthly

The niche information products range from a couple of bucks per issue to as much as $18 per issue – and likely have a strong back-end sales component to them.

There are literally thousands of these niche infoproduct newsletters listed on Amazon – thousands more that aren’t. At least on Amazon, you can get a sales ranking to indicate which ones are selling better than others.

If you have a topic, marketing or specific niche infoproduct idea in your mind, chances are there is a magazine, newsletter, ebook or other information product on the topic. By searching for information already being sold on your topic, you can gain great insight into how well your topic will do in the market.

You’ll find many other testing techniques in our Information Entrepreneur’s Success System – if you are serious about releasing your own niche information products in the first half of this year, then get hold of the system, use these testing techniques and get started right away!


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