It’s happening more and more…non-writers who start a part-time blog based on experience or a new topic that they love to write about end up with a hugely loyal reader base and end up with a sweet book deal where they find themselves involved in a brand new career.

Case in point – the tremendously addictive blog “Carrots ‘n’ Cake” written by Tina who turned her interest in health and nutrition into her own blog.  Over time, her blog hit on a key theme – balance between nutrition and good tasting food.  Less than a year later Tina has been approached by a NYC publishing house and now has a publishing contract to produce her first ‘Carrots-‘n’ Cake” book.

Meanwhile she has been featured in Health Magazine, Shape magazine on as well as and

I currently operate 4 blogs and can tell you that on 3 of the 4 I have been approached about possible book deals as well as other interesting joint venture, speaking and product related opportunities.

So, it goes without saying that having your own blog is a key part of your internet marketing efforts no matter how you decide to turn your effort into money in the future.

Having your own successful blog gives you a platform which can be monetized in a number of ways:

  • You can sell advertising space and easily bring in $500-a few thousand dollars a month depending on your traffic and topic
  • You can review and market other people’s products and services and get paid commissions, joint venture bonuses as well as finder’s fees
  • You can significantly enhance the traffic to other websites you have – whether they be list building, branding or sales focused
  • You can leverage your blog position in the market to get additional publicity such as interviews, reviews, and yes…even book deals

One of the main pillars of internet marketing for entrepreneurs is blogging – we go into several training sessions and have ongoing mentorship programs available within Information Marketer’sZone where we take the newest of newbie’s and help you through every step of starting, writing and marketing your blog for maximum traffic and interaction.

Tina shows us what can happen when we stick with our blogging efforts and reach our market in a personal and useful way – are you ready to do the same?


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