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The "X" Factor For Earning Profits In Your Online Business?

By Jeff Smith

I'm sure you have experienced it, you send a message to your subscribers - something you feel should evoke a great response, you click the "send" button and eagerly wait for the response you feel is inevitable.

An hour later, you've received one response, and its a problem someone has accessing the resource you gave them. Two hours, three hours, the entire morning passes, and you are still waiting for the flood of responses you thought would come.

Even more frustrating, you hear from another top marketer that their latest promotion overwhelmed the servers, that they couldn't keep up with the flood of email and orders in their inbox - and even worse, they usually prove its true!

What's the difference? Why is there such a massive difference in the results you get from your list and the effortless response they are able to get from their subscribers.

There is a difference, and here's the reason why....Read About The Nerve Center Of Your Online Marketing Business Here!

Building Trust: 3 High Powered Methods?

By Jeff Smith

Without trust, you are just another annoying distraction in your subscriber's day

To be effective in your market, they must look up to you, they must trust you as a leading voice with a high degree of crediblity within your market.

In fact, trust and credibility is so important to your success in your information marketing business that it should be THE single most important goal you use to plan the strategy of your business.

Your market will spend the most money on businesses and individuals they see as a leader in the market. You cannot expect to dominate your market, achieve high conversion rates, attract an army of traffic and opt-ins, ramp up your sales 5 or 10 times their current level without increasing your level of trust and leadership with your market.

Fine, but how do you build that trust, especially if you are a virtual unknown in your marketplace today?

Here are 3 methods you should be using to build trust with your market:

  • TESTIMONIALS:If you don't currently have testimonials, then you must make this a top priority. But, not just any testimonial will do. Ideally, you want a mix of testimonials from market leaders and strong testimonials demonstrating the application or proof of the impact your product has on people's lives
  • SET THE STAGE FOR MORE COMMUNICATION: Without an opt-in list, you have virtually no ability to build a relationship of trust with your market - its not just a matter of building a list, its a matter of consciously having a plan for building value for your subscribers that will convert them into trusting customers.
  • DELIVERING INFORMATION Delivering valuable information via methods that let your market participate and interact with you is important. Think teleseminars, surveys, forums, blogs, group calls, etc...

Don't make the mistake of thinking that earning a fortune with information products happens only by luck, trickery or a killer product - building trust, credibility and leadership are most important: More Trust-Building Tips and Comments over at InfoProduct Marketing News

Overcoming Two Major Obstacles To InfoProduct Marketing Profits

By Jeff Smith

Whether you are considering your own information product marketing business or simply frustrated with your existing business, you may believe there are many obstacles that potentially stand in your way. Good news is that if you can simply overcome these two obstacles, you are most likely to succeed with your infoproduct marketing business.

PICKING A TOPIC Its true, what seems like a very simple task turns out to be not so simple for most people who struggle with finding marketable ideas and then deciding among them.

Certainly this is a BIG challenge, its why we put together the "Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package" understanding that deciding on a topic is both the most important thing you will ever do with your information product marketing business AND that it is often the toughest step.

Its important you find a topic that you are passionate about, that you are willing to participate in - the best information and how-to products give experiences of actually trying the techniques, are you willing to share that with your audience?

Believe me, the simplest way to get into the information product marketing business is to simply take action in a market and tell people about your results. You see, most people are not action takers. They prefer to be "told" what to do rather than figure it out for themselves. In fact, people will actually pay to have you take action for them. That's the secret to quickly and easily turning out hot infoproducts.

TAKING ACTION Once you've identified a problem to develop your products around, the only other absolute requirement for capturing your wealth from infoproducts is taking action.

Here are some critical aspects you need to have to take action:

  • DISCIPLINE:If you're a golf fan, think about Tiger Woods. Doesn't focus and discipline come to mind? Discipline allows you to stick with your plan through the worst times, the most distracting times, not being led astray by every distraction that comes your way.
  • COURAGE: Taking action often means putting ourselves in a position of where we could falter, where the results may not be what we anticipate, where people may not always like what we are doing. Getting through our own limiting thoughts around failure takes courage.
  • YOUR BIG WHY?: Is there a big WHY? behind your goals? What are you ultimately trying to achieve with your business? What would make you really, really happy? What is the one thing you really must do before you leave this earth? I'm working on a product right now to help get at your personal WHY - its such an important part of being successful with anything in life. Once you have it, you will find taking action is much easier.

Armed with a hot topic, a 110% confidence about where you are headed, courage and reason for acting - you will be unstoppable.

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

The flavor of discussions this week have to do with motivation and taking action toward achieving great things with your information product marketing business - there were some great exchanges over at Information Marketer's Zone

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • LEARNING THROUGH VIDEO?: We have many videos over at the Information Marketer's Zone,and it turns out that is how people like information presented these days. There's a lesson for all of us information product developers, think how we can incorporate video into our product offerings.
  • LIST BUILDING CASE STUDY Speaking of video, we discussed the first viral marketing techniques of a new product that John Reese has been working with Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins on. They use a very powerful technique using video that any of us can implement to wildly build your list.
  • NOT FOLLOWING THE BASICS Steve had a great point on the forum about many online marketers still ignoring the basics of internet marketing. We discussed some of the most basic traffic generation and conversion techniques that can make a huge difference in today's online businesses

Designing Snazzy, Jazzy eBooks

"As the e-book format becomes more common, and design options increase you now have to pay close attention to improving the design of your e-book.

Most of us worry about the e-book cover - with good reason, its the only part of your product visible before someone buys it. But just as important to your word-of-mouth marketing, ability to generate testimonials, and build additional business with your customers, suddenly paying attention to the design of your e-book on the inside takes on more importance.

Thankfully, there are 4 tips you can use within Microsoft Word that will turn your hum-drum e-book into a professional, beautiful looking e-book...Read These 4 E-Book Design Tips Here.

Starting A Blog, Wordpress or Blogger?

I urge everyone involved in online marketing to start their own blog, not only is a great method of getting a site indexed quickly in the search engines, its also a terrific tool for developing your personality, increasing the "stickiness" of your visitors and ultimately converting more traffic into buyers.

A common question about getting started is whether you should start with a Google Blogger blog or a Wordpress blog from http://www.wordpress.org

Here are some critical points to help you decide on a blogging system ...

  • SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY: You will find many debates on both sides of which blogging platform is more search engine friendly. I operate blogs using both platforms and can honestly say I haven't really noticed a big difference - they are both great! One advantage that Wordpress gives you is an entire community of developers constantly releasing new plugins and widgets continually offering you more functionality, some of which does play in your favor for search engine listing.
  • USER FRIENDLY: Certainly Blogger would have to win out here, though I have to admit Wordpress is not too far behind and certainly is an improvement over some other blogging platforms such as Moveable Type. With blogger, you can quickly setup an account, choose a template, give your blog a title and then your off and running. With Wordpress, there is some installation steps required - allot 30-60 minutes for a complete install. Once its installed, I found it very intuitive.
  • FEATURES: Wordpress wins hands-down here. There are hundreds of plugins that you can easily install for Wordpress blogging system covering areas such as linking to social networking sites, widgets that make adding ads easy, links between multiple postings, multiple category entries, anti-spam filters, etc...

If you are like me, want to have control over your blogging system, like the idea of new enhancements each month, want to install it on your own webhost's server, then you can't go wrong with Wordpress

On the other hand, if you don't want to fuss with installing your own blogging system or just want to get started immediately, then give Blogger a spin. But remember, anything worth starting is worth doing right, it will take some substantial time and effort to convert an existing blog to a new platform in the future, so don't make a hasty decision you may regret in the future.

Jeff Smith
Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2006

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