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3 Critical Steps To Building Your Own Online Marketing Money Machine

By Jeff Smith

Hype and fluff continue to emerge daily from the world of Internet Marketing, and within this hype is the very real possibility that you will lose focus on what is most important of all...

Creating a valuable business that will continue to bring you more profit and more customers over time.

I'm sure when you take a step back and a deep breath you will agree, 99% of what you see out there - even from the top name internet marketers ONLY applies IF you have a solid business idea and valuable products or services to offer your customers.

Take the John Reese "Traffic Secrets" course or the latest power launch of Search Engine Optimization wonders from Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins - these are great guys, leaders in terms of innovation and testing what works - all things internet marketing. BUT...

Is there information really worth a damn to you if you don't have a clear idea of what value you are offering to your market?

Will you get your money's worth if you spend thousands getting the latest internet marketing techniques if your product doesn't stand out from the crowd?

Can you really expect to dominate your niche market (much as these guys have done) by simply driving more traffic to your sites?

Isn't the most important question - what will they see once they get there? I don't mean presentation dammit, I mean substance!

What is the value proposition you offer that time-restricted, stressed-out, money-tapped customer that judges your offer in less than 15-seconds? Do you agree that you better have an incredibly clear and valuable product or service to offer?

OK, so the questions that you need to answer first are 1) what market do you want to lead, 2) What market do I want to work towards a dominating position and 3) What they hell am I going to offer that will guarantee me a leadership positioning within that market. Sounds about right?

If any of this is tweaking the slightest bit of interest from you (and if you are doing ANYTHING with online marketing - it should), then you should be blown away by this video - watch it here:

Watch This Video and Be Blown Away!

How Did I Get Involved With Internet Marketing?

By Jeff Smith

People have asked, how did you end up in Internet Marketing?

First, my response is that I am not IN Internet Marketing, my business is helping entrepreneurs and companies to perform market research, discover business and product opportunities and position their products for maximum profits. That's exactly what The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur Success Packageand InfoMarketersZone is all about.

I have over 10-years experience doing just that - creating and positioning products, millions of dollars worth.

The question I can answer is, how did I come to adopt Internet Marketing as a marketing method, and my answer...

Quite simple really, I've created and marketed products for over 10 years, often demanding I work with companies to create course material, workshops, training, etc...

The internet allowed me to share my knowledge and experiences without having to go exclusively via the traditional publishing or personal training route.

Suppose, in short, I love the reach and leverage the internet has been able to bring to my business.

Thinking about your own entrepreneurial venture? Develop a valuable product or service, have a plan for dominating your market and by all means, learn more about how Internet Marketing can give you a leveraged entry into our market.

Awesome Site Page Tracker With A Difference

By Jeff Smith

I've been testing a new site page tracker that has a twist, it does an awesome job of tracking your content submissions as they make their way through the web - think articles you submit, tips, blog entries, etc...

I submit at least 2-3 articles each month through various article submission directories and an elite group of publishers that I've come into contact over the years. Problem has been, I really don't know how many publishers post the article, for how long and where they post them to see what return I am getting for this effort.

Along comes Site Page Tracker that not only gives me this information for any given article or content I search for within seconds, but also keeps track of the articles and emails me daily if I wish.

Suddenly, with this tracking tool, I now can know exactly which articles are more popular, where they are being published, changes that have been made, and even gives me daily information on how those articles are ranking in the search engines!

You have to know that the real secret behind the success of major marketers is testing and tracking - if you can't track each technique you are trying you simply do not become smarter about what works and what doesn't. The sooner you are able to identify what traffic generation techniques work best, the sooner you can put all your energy into getting results instead of experimenting.

For the next 24-hours, I've managed to work out a deal to offer this powerful software for half-price! At less than $30, its a no-brainer - but only if you act before Saturday morning at 9AM Eastern. Site Page Tracker- I think you'll love the results

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

OK, we're getting right down to the root of how to make big money with your online marketing business this week as we discuss powerful issues such as laying the right foundation and getting started right Information Marketer's Zone

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • BREAKTHROUGH: After discussions with many eager entrepreneurs who just can't seem to breakthrough the part-time income they are making with their online businesses - we posted a fundamental concept of why 99% of you are struggling - and it has to do with how you view internet marketing.
  • NEW VIDEO - GETTING STARTED RIGHT A new video was just posted and is being discussed - its controversial in that it points out the 3 critical elements you MUST have in place before listening to ANY internet marketing guru.
  • TOOLS REVIEWS More discussion this week on a few tools - one to pull rss blog posts into a PDF document - turning your blog into an infromation product you can sell, and the other a brand new site that allows in-depth research on what information topics are selling on Amazon.

New Site Allows You To Share and Embed Powerpoint

If you are in the information marketing business, then chances are you have created powerpoint slides to help deliver information to your market.

Even though your first product may be an ebook, manual, report, dvd, or audio interview, its inevitable that you will be called upon to share your thoughts in a presentation mode. In fact, for savvy information product marketers, you can create high value, back-end infoproducts by putting together a seminar or advanced training program using powerpoint.

Here are just some of the ways you can use powerpoint develop or market your infoproducts better...

  • Advanced Group Coaching Presentations
  • Presentation Download With Teleseminar
  • Weekly or Monthly Coaching or Brainstorming Calls
  • Short Tips or Tutorials via Powerpoint for Marketing Purposes
  • Bundled Bonus To Your Main Information Product Package
  • Surprise Bonus Giveaway to Help Retention

Until now, one challenge was sharing the content of your powerpoint with a wide audience, who may not necessarily have powerpoint on their machine, or may not know how to use it.

Along comes SlideShare - a terrific new site allowing you to upload your Powerpoint material and share it with others - similar to YouTube with video or Myspace with your personal profile information.

Give SlideShare a Spin Today - it's free during the beta period

Another Product Launch - Should You Fall For It?

This week saw another slew of formulated product launches - Brad and Andy's Stomper Net obviously being one of the most successful and most exposed offers.

First, let me be clear, I don't see anything wrong with the product launch process - its actually quite educational and brilliant in terms of bringing together many elements of marketing into a replicable system.

At some point (in the not to distant future), the system will become over-exposed in the internet marketing niche - but there are still some very real opportunities to apply it outside the IM niche.

Something that IS a problem though, the number of people jumping at these marketing launches that have not yet picked a solid business model, chosen a value proposition for their market and developed a compelling product or service.

Many aspects of the launch (testimonials, proof, strong message to market match) all depend on having done exceptional strategic planning, soul searching and market research.

Unfortunately, I see many people purchasing package after package based on the hype and NOT having a solid business upon which to market.

Don't be afraid to pass these marketing offers up if they do not fit the timing and plans for your business. It's far more important that you plan a valuable business and product offering - then you can apply these marketing techniques.

Jeff Smith
Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2006

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