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5 Best Ways To Market Your New Site

By Jeff Smith

So you have just built a site, are re-launching an existing website or are trying to understand and scope the work you have ahead of you to generate a truckload of initial traffic and sales for your new website.

We get close to a hundred-thousand visits to our various sites each month - most of this traffic is simply the result of basic techniques, nothing sneaky and nothing too challenging.

Here are 5 basic methods of marketing your new website:

  • Launch and post to your own blog
  • Write and distribute 2-4 articles each week
  • Form at least 2 new JV's each month
  • Issue a few press releases
  • Build your own affiliate program

As you can see, even with 8-10 hours per week, you can accomplish these basic business building tasks. It's true that in the beginning, you may have to put in a few extra hours to get things up and running (ex. starting your blog), but once you have it rolling, a few hours each week of consistent, persistant action is all that is required.

Writing Articles That Get Instant Results

Still on the topic of generating traffic, I've noticed that there is an increasing tendancy to ignore the value of writing and submitting articles to the growth of your business.

There is still no better way to build a strong base of content and incoming links helping your page ranking and Search Engine placement than writing articles.

You do have to be patient and committed to make articles work for you. Its no good to write a few articles and then ignore it for a month expecting some sort of magical result.

Most articles you write will get a handful of takers which can bring you some decent up-front traffic and continue to build your incoming links to your site.

But...if you know the formula for writing articles that really capture attention, then you can increase your odds of getting your articles picked up by dozens of publications, attract the interest of offline magazine publishers, get you some very serious publicity resulting in additional exposure - in short, you can get some pretty massive buzz, traffic and sales from a well receieved article.

Read this 6-step formula for writing articles that get instant results.

Buying Or Selling A Website - A Few Places To Look

By Jeff Smith

I get questioned all the time on how to find places to buy or sell websites online. There are dozens, but here are a few that have an edge over the others.

Even though these are some of the prime places to look for legitimate online businesses, you still need to be careful about the type of site you purchase.

You want to make sure you have done your research on the market, business model and still be aware of how you would create something unique for that market. Often, buying a website is only a means to an end, not the end itself. If you can purchase a site that helps you get closer to your ultimate business goal, that's great - but rarely are you able to simply purchase a site for a few hundred dollars and begin magically earning a massive profit. Buyer beware!

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

If its marketing tactics you are looking for, then the activity on the Information Marketer's Zone Forums this week has been powerful.

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • NICHE PRODUCT IDEAS A great example of how to use popular articles online as a method of discovering product opportunities was posted this week. This is an extremely powerful technique for not only locating niche market topics with built-in demand, but for discovering exact titles and content ideas for your own infoproducts.
  • PRODUCT LAUNCH - We were able to license access to some very powerful product launch interviews and videos that we posted aboout on our forum - you can learn a TON from past product launch superstars on what worked, what didn't and how they went through every step to their million dollar product launches
  • NICHE MARKETING Garrett had a great post about whether he should focus on one market and build his business deep, or whether he should tackle many niche markets. In fact, you can build a business both ways, but we surely favor one over the other and mentioned exactly why in this forum posting.

The Biggest Mistake Copywriter's Make

I'm a huge fan of Michel Fortin, not only because he's a brilliant copywriter and great guy, but because he shares so much of his knowledge and wisdom so freely with the public for absolutely no charge.

It's not just that he could charge a small fortune for the information he gives away for nothing, its more that he takes very valuable time out of his busy schedule to share his most important tips and techniques.

I was looking back at one of top blog posts "The Biggest Mistakes Copywriter's Make" and found more information in this one post than you will find in high-cost copywriting seminars or courses.

First, he talks about the single biggest mistake being plain - not representing a convincing argument for why someone should buy your products.

Next, he does a terrific job of differentiating between hype and attention getting copy. I love his statement that "...its not what you say, but how you say it that counts." Well, with writing, you can't say it so you have to communicate the "how" through energy, excitement, stories, imagery and any other mechanism you can use to get your convincing argument across.

Third, he mentions the word "experiential" simply meaning that most people need to communicate the experience of benefiting from your products or services rather than simply telling them what they are.

If you do nothing else this weekend, head over to Michel's post, download it and read it several times - you will find it will almost instantly help you improve your copywriting.

Setting The Record Straight - Should You Pick The Internet Marketing Niche?

Many of us are internet marketing junkies - right?

We are entrepreneurs and love to see new businesses start, exciting announcements of new money being made, huge product launches, lots of fast-paced, ego-pumping, chest-thumping accomplishments, but...

Does that mean your niche market should be Internet Marketing?

Or...is internet marketing too crowded, its time has come and gone and you need to focus on another market where there is less competition and more opportunity?

It's funny, these same questions were being asked when I first started watching internet marketing grow in the late 1990's into the early 2000's. At that time, there was word of "too much competition", the marketing "not being big enough" - yet, there still seems to be millionaires launching products each and every month into this market.

Are you being told the truth?

Not exactly - and you can read why here..."Setting The Record Straight On the Internet Marketing Niche"

Jeff Smith
Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2006

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