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Tale of Two Internet Marketers

By Jeff Smith

As the celebration closed on another New Year, in the quiet calm of an unseasonably warm January 1st afternoon, two online marketers spent a few minutes pondering their achievements in 2006.

The two highly motivated, eager marketers were both convinced they would be able to leave their suffocating careers behind and break through into comfortable, exciting lifestyles in the year to come...

Yet, the next 12-months would bring astoundingly different results for the two marketers. In fact, when the next New Year celebration is launched, one of the two marketers will hardly be able to believe the good fortune he will see while the other will have edged only slightly closer to his goals.

What Led To The Big Difference In Results?

Isn't it mysterious what leads one person to quickly capture significant wealth online while another can work and work but doesn't seem to be able to grow their profit?

Clearly talent, experience, or special skills don't seem to matter as many of these online millionaires are from completely different backgrounds with substantial differences in talent and skill levels.

Frankly, it just doesn't seem to matter - so what does account for astonishingly different results?

Fortunately, we can learn from the second marketer in this story how to build a substantial six or seven-figure business online, you may be shocked to know what made the biggest difference.

Find the 4 Big Income Factors That Made The Difference Here...

Using Affiliate Directories To "Spy" On Your Customers

As infoproduct publishers we are either searching for new markets to enter or working at convincing ourselves the market we've chosen is as lucrative as we believe.

In either case, you want to be able to "spy" on different markets, find out what is popular, which categories of products are most desired and which products within those categories are selling.

Affiliate directories are one set of tools you can use to research opportunities in your market.

Most affiliate directories allow you to search not only by category but by popularity.

Here are 3 great affiliate directories you can study as part of your market research activities:

  • Commission Junction: This is the biggie, you will find tons of products available from Commissions Junction. You will need to open an account as a publisher to be able to view the products available, but once you do, you can see which products have the best return for affiliates giving a very good indication of what is selling.
  • Associate Programs: This one has been around for years and boasts a very impressive directory of products - weighted heavily toward infoproducts, but includes other types of products and services as well. You can search by category, most popular and learn from the various ratings and comments that are left against the programs.
  • Clickbank: With over 10,000 affiliate products listed and a new ranking system, Clickbank is now a great source of product market research. Search by category, popularity and return for affiliates.

As we outline in the Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package, there is no better way to determine the profit potential of an ebook idea, report, membership site or other infoproduct you are thinking of developing than to see proof that people are already buying information.

With affiliate directories, you have the rare ability to see what topics are popular and what products are selling.

Donald Trump Advises You - Write A Book!

By Jeff Smith

Chances are you have an opinion about Donald Trump - love him or hate him, it's very difficult to challenge the fact he knows two very important things about business

He understands the power of leverage. Trump clearly controls every aspect of his business and wealth creation - he can only do that because he is so good at understanding the power of leverage. Just about everything he does these days including his many books, the Apprentice TV show and Trump University are about developing something once, benefiting for years. Leverage is one of the most important wealth building techniques of all.

He is a master at getting publicity. When you think of him as dominating the media, you think first about his television show, but books are a critical piece in the Trump marketing juggernault.

Pulling the absolute best material from his 2006 blog, I came across this fabulous quote that should get every one of you off your seat and into massive infoproduct development mode, read the quote here: Best Excerpt From Trump's 2006 Blog

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

If its marketing tactics you are looking for, then the activity on the Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week has been interesting.

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • FINDING IN-DEMAND IDEAS Ideas for infoproducts are everywhere, this week we talked about a new Amazon Q&A service that adds yet another tool to finding hot selling infoproduct ideas easier than ever.
  • VIDEO and AUDIO RESOURCE - Backgrounds for video, audio royalty free clips, powerpoint presntation templates and animations, and much more - #1 site was unveiled on the forums this week.
  • PRODUCT CREATION After questions from many InfoMarketersZone members, we posted a 15-minute video outlining some little-known ways to create highly unique and powerful bonuses that can double or triple your profit.

How Will You Know Unless You Try?

In a coaching call with a client last week, I noticed that we were re-tracing steps, going back over material we had covered a few weeks ago, and a few weeks before that, hmmmm....

Now it's true, people move at different speeds - some people turn knowledge into dollars in as little as a few days, while others take months, but eventually come around.

In this case, my spider sense started tingling only a few words into the call when my client suddenly wanted to reverse directions (yet again), after two weeks of accomplishing very little.

Listen, this seems like common sense, but it is important to repeat - if you don't put anything up for sale on your website, you won't make a dime!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a smartass, but geez louize, putting a 10-page report together and offering the damn thing for $9 is within everyone's ability, and it can be done in about 1-week no matter how busy you are.

"What! $9 won't get me that porsche 911" you scream!

Maybe not, but you would be amazed at what you WILL get from your $9 report.

  • You are now a product developer, that comes with credibility, prestige and lots of satisfaction and motivation
  • You have the basis of feedback, comments and improvements that you can quickly turn into a larger, more profitable product
  • Your report offers a platform to begin list-building, the foundation for your future profits
  • A report is about 1/10th of an ebook or full infoproduct - master report writing and you will be well on your way to a full-blown infoproduct entrepreneur
  • You have something to publicize attracting traffic and interest
  • You begin the process of branding yourself "the expert" in your field

Don't make the same mistake as my coaching client, get something out there to start the ball rolling. You will be amazed at how $9 can spiral into thousands, tens of thousands...

How Do You Identify Niche Markets With Desire?

It's the common starting point for anyone looking to build their online marketing empire...how do you identify a super-hot, desire-filled niche market?

Here are 4 ways you can tap into online activity and locate high-demand niche markets:

  • Use Google to find popular forums around your areas of interest, popular forum categories or patterns of posts often point to high-demand topics
  • Review blog and podcast directories, most offer a Popularity ranking that will give you a good feel for what people are doing online
  • Peruse the top-sellers lists in eBay, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and other online shopping sites
  • Monitor trend sites such as Trendwatching and Google Trends to pick up on changing market directions

One final tip...

Don't be satisfied with finding a sub-niche, take it one step further and think about how you can develop your own sub-niche focused on solving a set of problems not clearly defined by products already selling in the market.

Do this by taking the questions and feedback from the four sources above and match those up with what is already being offered by ebook, book and course publishers. How can you drill down one level deeper to focus on a very specific part of the market thereby allowing you to dominate a sub-niche by simply defining it?

Creating your own sub-niche is just one of the advanced information product marketing techniques we are teaching over at the Information Marketer's Zone.

Have a terrific weekend, wishing you great success.

Jeff Smith
Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2007

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