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Hi everyone!

How do you become "relevant" to your marketplace?

It's a tough question isn't it?

Most of us, when we start out online marketing are simply happy to strive for "visibility" - we want to be seen. We count the number of hits and visits to our website, we may crunch the numbers on conversion - but one thing we don't think about enough is how we capture the attention, desire, interest, passion and imagination of our readers.

Yet - as we point out in today's articles, as the web e-commerce marketspace becomes more mainstream, competition heats up and there is so much content on every topic it's hard for you to be heard, the ability to capture the "gut level" interest of your market is the most important thing you can be learning right now.

In direct mail and early days of the internet, copywriting was the tool that allowed us to reach out and grab the attention of our readers - but in today's Web2.0 world where we must strive for "involvement" rather than "grabbing" our reader - suddenly engaging readers, listeners and watchers of our content is as important as the sales message.

In this issue we cover important information on how you can use some of these new tools, how they are working for our businesses and more information on how to turn lacklustre marketing into dynamic, engaging marketing "involving" your market instead of "talking at" them.

Many thanks to all of you who comment on our blogs...if you like what you read, be sure to click the Web2.0 icons under the posts on our blog and let others know!

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What You Should Know About Long-Tail Marketing and Web2.0 Now

By Jeff Smith

Last week, on our blog I posted a detailed look at some of the top traffic generation sources driving traffic to one of my websites -- if you missed it the posting is here.

It's turned out to be one of our most-read postings ever (in over 3-years of blogging and articles) and no wonder, it's not often that established web businesses let you see inside their logs giving away their top traffic sources.

Justifiably, many of you wrote me or commented on the blog posting to say that they were confused over "long-tail marketing" and Web2.0 as it related to traffic generation - and that's completely my fault.

And...it is very important that you are clear on what I meant by those terms, so we posted a rather lengthy (but I hope useful) follow-up to explain more about what I meant by those terms and how they resulted in more traffic to my sites.

  • Read "Your Questions Answered - Long Tail Marketing and Web2.0 Here

  • "Getting Active Participation From Your Subscribers and Readers"

    For article marketing, press releases, forum posts, viral reports, blogging, podcasting, Web2.0 marketing and pretty much ANY other form of marketing you can think of to work, you need to capture the interest, attention, imagination and compell your subscribers to respond.

    • You want them to signup to read your minicourse or report
    • You want them to order your product
    • You want them at least to get involved by commenting or contacting you
    • You want them to tell other people about you, to give you great reviews
    • You want them to come back again and again

  • Read - The key To Getting Action - Underlying Web2.0 Marketing Success

  • Greenscreen, Chromakey Secrets - How To Make Your Own Green Screen Background

    By Jeff Smith

    If you have your own camcorder and it has a firewire interface (most of them today do) along with a jack to plug in an external microphone (such as a lavalier mic), then you have what you need to make your own professional looking videos to post online or ship on DVD.

    How can you use personalized videos in your information publishing business...

    • Weekly video newsletters to attract attention and improve the relationship with your subscribers
    • Create bonus videos that you can add to your ebook or information product to increase value
    • Create promotional 2-minute videos that you upload to YouTube and video directories getting more traffic
    • Develop a set of tutorials you can sell as a downloadable, streaming or DVD product
    • Content for a membership site or paid newsletter
    • Tool to communicate with and attract more affiliate partners to your business
    • Announce new product launches, promotions or requests for response from your list

    The possibilities are endless.

    The keys to a great video are:

    • On target topic with succinct information
    • Casual, yet professional delivery of information
    • Well balanced lighting
    • Suitable, professional background
    • Good sound quality
    • Decent editing skills

    In terms of background, you can use a solid painted wall, a set such as your desk and computer, a muslin or photography type background or you can opt for a green screen, chromakey background that allows you (with most editing packages) to superimpose a scene of your choice (newsroom, beach, weather map) behind you.

    Now that green screen editing technologies can be had for as little as $99, this technology is well within reach of any of us. Indeed, many online marketers and information publishers are using video green screen techniques right now. One issue, is where you get the green screen.

    After paying more than $200 for mine, I came across this technique for making your own for less than $30 with material available at your local building supply company...

    Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

    Lots of great things happening on Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week...here's a sample!

    Here's the Latest Buzz:

    • LET DESPERATE DEMAND LEAD YOU After launching a 12-minute review of how we pull signs of desparation, demand that indicates eager buyers from discussion forums and online sources, the feedback has been great - it's really changed the way many of you "look" at what is being done online.
    • SALESLETTER FEEDBACK One of our members was brave enough to put his first draft sales letter out for critique. This option is open to any of our members and sometimes they choose to do it privately instead of in front of the entire group. But...the reward is that we gave him 9 tips that should eaily double his conversions - a service we normally charge $500 to do.
    • RESULTS OF SURVEY It was interesting that when we asked our members what topics stumped them the most and what they would like more information about - here were the results: Getting more traffic - 25%, Developing a video information product and building a website were each 19%, Using Web2.0 to get traffic and Developing an ebook each came in at 13% with the other categories of affiliate program, developing audio products and teleseminars all came in lower. For our members, this will certainly impact our development plans in coming weeks - and for our newsletter subscribers, we'll be adding more value in these areas as well.

    Are you ready to take your online marketing business to the next level? We have the tools, methods, templates, In-the-trenches experience, personal advice, bonus products and more to help you launch and grow your own information product marketing empire...it's all here in the InfoMarketer's Zone.

    Generating Content That Generates Sales

    Take it from me, you can bust your butt generating TONS of content and get very mediocre results.

    It's NOT the quantity of content you produce and it's NOT even the quality you produce that matters most - it is the targeted nature of that content that makes the biggest difference to your ability to generate maximum traffic and sales.

    Let me show you what I mean in this freely available video...

    Setting Up Your Website To Sell Information Products

    An important aspect of website design if you intend to sell your own information products such as ebooks, reports, streaming audio, etc... delivered over the internet is setting up your website to sell and distribute your digital infoproducts.

    Plainly put, you need to have...

    • A sales letter to sell your prospect
    • An autoresponder to "drip" on those who don't buy the first time
    • A payment processor to create your order link and process orders
    • A thank you page that gives instructions to your customers upon successful ordering
    • A secure system for offering dowload links to your customers so they can get their products

    For those of you getting ready to sell your own infoproducts, this process can be confusing and time-consuming...

    To help speed up the process and make sure you have all the right pieces in place before you launch your ebook or infoproduct...read this

    Jeff Smith
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