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4 Steps To Making Big Money By
Marketing On The Internet

You may already know that e-commerce, or selling things on the internet, is BIG business and growing rapidly. But did you know...

  • That the US e-commerce market alone this year will hit $140 Billion in sales?
  • That nearly 20% of this entire number is for books - most of which are information products and many of which are now developed by individuals just like you or I who market their own self-published ebooks, reports, or courses on the internet?
  • That growth is projected at betwen 12-16% for the next few years...even in these tough times?
  • That ANYONE can dominate their chosen niche market by getting secrets about marketing on the internet...even someone working from their home office part-time?

Not only can you start marketing on the internet immediately, but you can setup your online business to quickly make money selling other people's products (affiliate marketing) or test a market with a quick info product like a $10 report or 30-page ebook or you can get into drop-shipping and setup your own e-commerce store as your internet business...the opportunties are exciting and very powerful.

One thing is for certain...

There has never been a better time to learn the empowering skill of marketing on the internet, and that comes down to 4 critical elements.

Build Internet Business Wealth
On Real Value

If you really get down to the fundamentals of any wildly profitable, successful business it can be summed up by this statement - your business must add significant value to your targeted customer base which is offered in exchange for money and loyalty.

The more value you offer, the greater the reward. Making yourself and your online business is THE ONLY way you can dominate marketing on the internet and take your portion of the $140 Billion e-commerce market.

Here's the interesting thing about "value" though...

When most people read the term "more value" they get scared thinking they must have a certain knowledge, skill or work ethic that nobody else they throw up their hands in defeat and continue to eak out a living working for someone else or running their own business and lives into the ground.

But isn't "value" really something different? If value was REALLY a factor of true, objective cost or expertise would a Ferrari really be worth 10X a BMW or other well-made car?

If value was really about the quantity or pure quality of information, could it really be possible to take the same contents in a $27 book or ebook and turn it into a $997 workshop or home study course?

No - of course not because "value" is an emotional concept - albeit a tremendously important one to understand if we are master marketing on the internet.

So, when you choose your niche market, business idea, product plan and marketing strategy for making money online -- keep these 3 things in mind:

  • Desire for an outcome is the first big factor determining how much value your information or products will have in your market - so make sure you identify massive desire before setting up your internet business.
  • Behind every transaction there is a "real" and "fabricated" desire for buying something. A Ferrari buyer may justify his purchase by talking about how his car will help him in his job or is a good investment - but the REAL desire is to elevate his status, to gain prestige and be seen as a player in his peer group. Target the REAL desire and you will make a fortune marketing on the the "false" desire and you will get left behind.

Ok, so now, how do we uncover the desire and underlying emotions to find really big opportunities to make money in your own online business?

Learn how to uncover proven, hungry desire on the internet with this Free 25-minute video on "Niche Finder Secrets For Online Marketing" - it really is a collection of the most powerful strategies I've ever seen for making big money marketing on the internet.

How Do You Make Money Online:
What Do You Sell?

Terrific, we now understand that to succeed with marketing on the internet we need to provide value to our marketplace - but we have to make money too right?

So, what is our plan to make money from our chosen market?

It could be...

  • Collect eyeballs and sell advertising
  • Sell other people's products and earn a commission (affiliate marketing)
  • Sell your own products and services

You may think I'm going to stand up and say you MUST only do one of these or the other.

Not true!

You know why? Because my business makes profit online from all 3 of these methods.

At the present time I make approximately 75% from my own prorducts and services and 25% from a combination of advertising and marketing affiliate products.

You will find that 9 in 10 internet marketing success stories do the same - they make money from multiple streams on the internet...and you should too.

What is MANDATORY though is that you...

  • Have your own signature info product that brands you an expert and makes you profit
  • And you leverage the power of "testing" other people's products to find out what really sells in your marketplace

You may be getting the sense that we use a very specific process for marketing on the internet - and you would be 100% correct.

I can't go into the entire system would take too long, the entire system is outlined within the Information Marketer's Info Product Training Zone as our 6-Week Information Product Profits Formula, yet the basic formula is that you leverage content and affiliate marketing to uncover golden nuggets within your market - then produce your own winning product thereby completely de-risking your info product business growth ensuring you are highly profitable from Day 1!

This system is extremely powerful - we've been using it across dozens of niches in the last 2-years and every business has succeeded with flying colors, it's really a powerful and wise training program.

The Power of Leverage With Marketing On The Internet

This is my favorite topic when we help people design their internet marketing business for maximum profit potential.

Leverage simply means that you improve the results by multiple factors over the effort you put into a specific task. This gives you positional advantage over your competition. By spending 5-hours a day for 1-week creating your own ebook, report, video or home study program and then selling it for $47 (just one example price point) you can then earn order of magnitude more than it cost you to produce because you can continue selling it for months and years to come.

You work once and get paid over and over again.

Just as a songwriter gets paid royalties for his hard-earned work, you can get paid 70-90% profits on your work forever just for putting a week's work into your info product.

What we're really getting to here is not only marketing on the internet to build increasingly large profits (growth), but to leverage as much of your time as you can so that you can continue to enjoy life, have fun, get healthy and grow your business even more.

Ultimate Customer Getting System:
Site Promotion 101

This is getting really interesting isn't it?

By setting up our web marketing business so that it taps into huge demand, knowing how to systematically tune our multiple streams of internet profits and leverage our effort while creating high profit products that sell at huge profit margins...what are we missing?

Oh yes, our market has to see it!

In some circles this is called traffic or website visitors...but I like to thing of them in finer terms as potential and actual buyers.


Well, we don't just want anyone coming to our site do we?

We want hungry, ready-to-open-their-wallet, desparate buyers on our site.

Getting traffic - especially when we are just getting started marketing on the internet - will take either time or money, in either case, we don't want to be wasting any of it on getting traffic that is not ready to buy.

Sure - not everyone will buy immediately upon visiting our site, and some will never buy, but the better we get at knowing what the profile, thoughts, emotions, search behavior, keywords and ads that bring customers versus non-customers to our site, the more we can improve our sales and profits quickly in our internet business.

Remember - you have a high-value product or service that will make a big impact on the lives of those who seek the outcome your products offer...and they want what you have!

So, it only makes sense for you to take that demand and opportunity to impact someone's life positively very do that you need a process where you can quickly and easily uncover the specific keywords and ads that appeal most to buyers in your target market.

Imagine that you knew the top 10 search phrases that your customers used when they were searching for information to buy on your topic?

Think about how much effort or how much you would pay to have ads that target these 10 keyword phrases because you knew that they were likely to pull in buyers rather than just visitors to your website?

Would that give you a huge advantage in marketing on the internet?

Yes, but how do you go about finding these "magical" keywords when you may find thousands of keywords and produce dozens of ads that don't seem to work in your marketplace?

So, now you know WHAT to do, it's a matter of understanding the process by which to do it.

There are 3 main steps you need to take to uncover these high conversion, red-hot keywords that give your internet marketing an unfair advantage (and almost nobody is doing this so you can dominate the most competitive markets using this process with a fraction of the effort and cost):

  • Study the competition and discover what is working for them
  • Know the commercially biased keyword types
  • Run a controlled, rapid-profit test using paid traffic
  • Watch as your process tells you the exact winners to use to dominate your niche market

Yes, if you follow the process we outline in detail over at Information Markter's Training Zone then you will find the Golden Nugget keywords that convert sales like crazy...and you will gain the unfair advantage that will make marketing on the internet more exciting and profitable than 99% of the internet community is curretnly realizing.

Marketing On The Internet - What's Next?

I realize what we've given you hear to help with your online business is allot to take in...and that's ok, print out this page and re-read it a few times, you will find that the entire system makes sense and we know it works (and will work for you too).

At the same time, we also know that those of you who are ready to take action and want more detail on putting these steps into action, would prefer to see actual videos and examples of this process in use, who would like to take advantage of pre-written and pre-designed templates and tools rather than struggle to create them yourself and who want to get first-hand coaching and support as you grow your own info product marketing enterprise (without paying a fortune in personal coaching costs)...want to know what your options are?

You want some additional help that will save you time and be easy on your pocketbook as you get things off the ground...and we have a recommendation for you, at least while it remains open.

The Information Marketing Private Training Centeris the ONLY resource of it's kind on the entire internet that combines 100's of hours of training videos based on first-hand experience, doezens of expert interviews, a wide array of email, website and marketing templates and tools, weekly updates with the very latest strategies working right now, and an interactive private mentor's forum where I personally provide coaching, support and advice to anyone who asks -- for far less than the $200/hour my private coaching clients pay.

This site contains a 6-week intensive program to go from ZERO to a fully operational, money-making internet business...even if you are only spending part-time on your internet business right now.

The site also contains a complete website setup and marketing system that will benefit ANYONE who markets ANYTHING on the internet - it's not just for Information Product creators (though we have tons of information for you too!)

We frequently cap our membership at this site since I like to provide personal support to the members - right now it is open for a limited time. If you can't get in, then you will be put on a waiting list and when an opening arises, we will notify you. So, if you are ready to fast-track your information marketing business now - get right over to Information Marketing Private Training Center now and hold your spot.


Jeff Smith

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