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Internet Marketing Consulting - Quickly Turn Plans Into Profit

When I first started building internet businesses back in 1999, coaching programs from some real internet marketing pioneers Anthony Blake and Corey Rudl helped me take my dreams, plans and knowledge and turn them into websites, lists, products and most important - huge profit centers that continue to pay me today.

Today we operate dozens of highly profitable websites, have more than 12 information products across 4-niche markets, manage the #1 information marketing private member's site on the net and have coached well over 200 clients personally to create their own internet marketing profit center.

With all of these businesses, you can imagine we're quite busy these days, but I've always continued to run a very limited internet marketing consulting business for 2 main reasons:

  • 1. It's important to stay close to my market - by coaching others to make profit, I continually improve and share the best advice with my clients
  • 2. I still remember how important internet marketing consulting was to the early growth phase of my online's very important to me to give back

Yes, in case you are wondering, I do make money internet marketing consulting - but to be totally honest, the time I put into making sure my clients get the best help and attention going, the low rates I offer are often not profitable - but I still do it because of the reasons outlined above.

Here's what we can Help You With....

Consulting - $200/hour
     - Internet Marketing Consulting
     - Niche Market Consulting
     - Competitive Intelligence
     - Website Development
     - Infoproduct Development Consulting
     - Multimedia Product Development
     - Self-Publishing Advice
     - Various Other Areas - Send Us A Mail...

Web Copy Critique (Includes 2-hours of telephone consulting and 1 complete critique by email) - $500

Website (Single Page Sales Letter) - $2,500 minimum

Article Writing - $250/article (Up to 1,000 words)

Digital Audio Interview (Jeff conducts 20-min interview with you to use as a bonus, giveaway or other marketing tool for your business - you supply questions.) - $97

For specific quotes contact Jeff Smith directly at

Jeff Smith - the "IdeaGuy" brings over 8-years of product development, internet marketing consulting and writing experience into products such as "The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package" and "How To Create Infoproducts - Teleseminar" You can contact Jeff at:

Having conducted internet marketing consulting for large corporations, small businesses and individuals, Jeff has an easy-to-work with, incredibly in-depth knowledge of exactly what it takesto make money online. Conact him now to find out how he can help you achieve your dreams.

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