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Dear Friend:

Have you noticed recently...the big launches and big name marketers who are becoming leaders in their niche markets all have their own info product?

Even the leaders in other methods of making money online like blogging, affiliate marketing, advertising, coaching...are all releasing their own ebooks, reports, video series, home study courses, teleseminars, membership sites - otherwise known as an info product.

Understand this...after 10-years of creating and marketing information products, helping hundreds of others launch their own profitable information marketing business and working alongside those 6-figure and 7-figure online marketing guru's - you can do this too...and it is possible to begin earning profit almost immediately!

Yes, this is a sad fact...

95% of infoproducts ever fail to make a profit -- in fact, they are lucky to ever sell 10 copies.

"You Can Quickly & Easily Create Your Own
Profit-Getting Infoproducts...In As Little As 2-Hours!"

Really, this is not hype or wishful thinking...I and many others have done it - that's how I know you can do it too.

Just 3 weekends ago, I organized a teleseminar that addressed a very high-demand topic -- put together a panel of experts and recorded the seminar. It turned out to be 2-hours long. The teleseminar companyrecorded the call and sent me an mp3 (audio file) version of the call, which I now market and sell a TON of.

And then this morning...I wrote a quick 10-page report that I will sell to test a brand new market. That only took 45-minutes!

Here's the truth...98% of our time is wasted when we first start out creating our signaure info product.

We spend weeks trying to figure out a good market. Then, we start writing, but quickly get distracted and when we look back at what we've done, doubt sets in and we move to another topic. After a few weeks of starting and stopping, we get cold feet and wonder what it is people would really pay for if we could produce the content. And so it goes...

Look, there is a MUCH better way...a system that you can follow that takes all of the mystery, uncertainty, risk and doubt out of the process so we can come with a RED-HOT, in-demand info product in just hours or days and it can be fun!

The good news for you is that you don't even have to pay for it...the system is yours, within the next few minutes -- all you need to do is claim your copy by filling in the form below!

Imagine being able to see inside a highly profitable info product marketing business, watch as the most important steps are explained in detail so you can immediately and finally start making real progress on your quest to make money online.

Inside this course you will find:

  • Simple, fast and effective methods for seeing exactly where people have an insatiable hunger to buy information...and how you can tap into that desire.
  • A proven information marketing roadmap you can use to generate your own products, build your own infoproduct empire, and change your life forever!
  • Get 10-years of proven experience about what makes people pay BIG money for information (and why it has very little to do with how advanced that knowledge really is)
  • Examples of Million Dollar information product businesses so you can see exactly what they look like, what they are selling, and how you can do the same...and even better!
  • Advanced tips, techniques and strategies on how to dramatically simplify the sometimes painful exercise of product creation -- even taking it out of your hands entirely if you want to.
  • Much, much more...

Here's What Others Have To Say About This eCourse

Hi Jeff,

It's Abhik here from London, England. I have been a customer of yours ayear or so ago and been a subscriber of your newsletter since then.

The reason for me writing to you today is...NOT for a JV propsal...OR's to flatter you:-)

I get so much mail from all the top marketers in the world, and I get alot out of it. But there's something about the way you write that clicksfor me. I love a lot of the stuff written by big name marketers...butthere are some emails of theirs that i will skim and not read thoroughly.
The reason I took the time to write to you today is I suddenly realisedsomething. Your newsletter is the ONLY one that I can think of, that Iread in it's entirety...EVERYTIME!

Anyway, thanks for writing inspirational content and not justmotivational content. There's a big difference between the two. Loveyour stuff.

Have a great weekend:-)

Warm Regards


Hi Jeff,

I have just finished reading your first installment of the free ecourse. I took your advice to heart, went to my mind mapping software and put it into action. I learned a lot about where I am at and where I need to go in my online marketing goals.
I look forward to seeing the next installment.

I have subscribed to many free ecourses, and this one is the best one I have seen so far.

Laurie Meade

Hi Jeff,

I am in Brisbane, Australia and I just wanted to say thank you for theinformation you have been sending. It is excellent.

Kind regards,

"You Can Quickly Create Your Own Infoproducts...In As Little As 2-Hours!"

You won't find a system with this much value on mastering info product creation and marketing - period!

And for is entirely FREE!

Thousands have benefited from this amazing information marketing formula, sign up now, you won't be sorry!

I look forward to hearing about your income-generating infoproducts.


Jeff Smith

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