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"You - An Online Infoproduct Publisher?"

I joined several top marketers had a blast on a conference call last evening reviewing the latest results of a mass consumer survey pioneered by Ken McCarthur (owner of many sites including Affiliate Showcase and JV Alert).

The survey will be made available soon, and I can't wait to tell people about it because it really is chalk-full of some very revealing things about information product buying habits online.

Perhaps the most revealing part of the study is a breakdown of more than 50 different niche categories that the respondents showed interest in paying for information.

Now Ken would have my butt if I jumped the gun and gave you too much information about this very confential research, but it is safe to say most of the BIG NAME marketers on this call were blown away by some of the areas of interest.

In fact, given a first look at the results, I would bet that ANYONE could pick at least one category and match it RIGHT NOW with their skills, experiences and passions and have 80% of the content for an information product already in their head.

If anyone ever doubted that non-marketing topics were in demand, this study will certainly change your views.

To give you a sense for the were a few of the niches that showed up strong:

1. puzzles (Yep, those funny cardboard cutout pieces)
2. word games
3. toys
4. stress management
many, many more...

Remember, these are people that responded to the question of what categories they would purchase INFORMATION products about - not just the physical products themselves.

Ken is cleaning up the reams and reams of data, I'll be sure to let you know the minute he releases it for public consumption - it's especially great since it is directly targeted at information products - something we are all interested in - right?

For now, assume that you can discover a hot selling topic within just about any market. Begin the process of learning how you find that pearl in a sea of clams by studying our formulas in "The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package."

Spend more time finding a HOT topic within a market you are passionate or experienced with and less time searching around for a market you think is HOT but for which you really couldn't give a rat's *ss.

Makes sense?

Ken's research, once more, demonstrates that there is a powerful interest in buying information in most markets - key is finding out exactly what they are looking for.

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